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Rockwood Leisure values landscapes and biodiversity throughout the African continent. In an ever evolving world, we believe that conserving these slowly adapting environments with minimal interference provides comfort of the familiar, and nurtures the human spirit to accept what has been and may yet still be to come with the sustained purpose of creating value to the communities around them.

The sustainable development goals call for improvements to living standards for all. Rockwood Leisure contributes to this important task by focusing on sustainably caring for existing habitats in Africa including the Tanzania, Seychelles, South Africa and Zambia. This involves giving hope, vision and a sense of purpose to these landscapes by sharing knowledge and ideas, creating decent work opportunities, providing affordable housing to facilitate economic growth, the restoration of natural capital including biodiversity, soil and water while realising the need for long term sustainable futures.

Rockwood Leisure was established in 2002 after a long family historical commitment to preserving environments and biodiversity efforts in Africa grounded in a passion for trees and their natural habitats.