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Desroches Island Villa

    Located in the Indian Ocean only 230km from Mahé Seychelles, 5° South of the equator, Desroches Island forms part of the Amirantes Archipelago, regarded as some of the most pristine and mystique in the world – gems passionately protected by the Government where only sustainable development under one operator per island is permitted under exceptional circumstances.

    Due to its remote location, Desroches plays host to a variety of endemic vegetation, animal life and exquisite marine life that call the surrounding azure waters their home. The sandy beaches and coconut forests make it a quiet retreat as well as breeding ground for a host of migratory seabirds and turtles. Over 130 bird species have been recorded, the island has reintroduced population of Aldabra giant tortoises and the waters beyond are home to an exotic underwater world of coral reefs and thriving exosystems.