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Kerry Hancock

    Kerry helps leaders manage complexity. She is a Founder, Futurist, Conservationist, Technologist, Successful entrepreneur and Board member at GKEPF and Lion Landscapes.

    Kerry has a long-term interest to sustain strong North-South global relations for sustainability between planet, people, perpetuity and prosperity.

    Kerry is an entrepreneur and a futurist who values creative storytelling using data and analytics. She studied computer science and statistics, trained as a financial analyst, then as a management consultant before co-founding and managing a internet development company specialising in corporate systems and information. She has assisted numerous conservation, security, retail, tourism, banking, technology and engineering businesses with strategy, marketing, finance, best practices and systems implementation. More recently, she completed her MPhil Future Studies (Cum Laude) through the University of Stellenbosch.

    Strategic support and communication for digital transformation have become a critical component of Kerry’s offering. Kerry partners with numerous organisations to provide a unique insight into future innovation scenarios across multiple sectors.

    Kerry is a director of the Greater Kruger Environmental Protection Foundation, an African based non-profit established to protect the environment for future generations by combatting wildlife crime. She is also a director of Lion Landscapes, a registered UK Charity, affiliated with the University of Oxford whose conservation work involves over 100 people working across four landscapes in three countries in Africa.

    Together with her husband, Thomas Hancock, they support many conservation and sustainability projects in Southern Africa. Their mission is to make the conservation of wildlife habitat valuable to people in perpetuity.

    Kerry lives in Durban with her husband and four children.